Day Three

“I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too.”

Simple words, spoken with a level of tenderness expressing the deep love between two people married for 62 years and 8 days. Those were the first words said to each other, face to face, after delivering my dad safely home from his 10-day stay in the hospital. The COVID pandemic had kept them apart, contact maintained by hit and miss phone calls. Not near enough for two people as inseparable as my parents. Nor a suitable replacement for a wedding anniversary celebration. Those simple words of greeting though, made clear what was more important than any date on a calendar.

There is a long road ahead for my dad and I hope they’re able to return to their daily routine of lunches out at their favourite haunts. Best friends hanging out, enjoying the company of the other. Amazingly, they never seem to run out of things to chat about. Ever.

They’ve set the bar high when it comes to happy relationships. Their 62nd wedding anniversary was spent apart. Never before has this happened that I’m aware of. “I’ve missed you.” Those words, and that moment, will stay with me forever. Happy belated Anniversary mom and dad, love you both.


Author: Linda

I'm a VIP Support Engineer at Automattic Inc. and love helping people with WordPress. Based in Lumby BC, Canada, I enjoy playing outdoors and am a true left-coaster in my belief of keeping it green, real and fun.

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