Day Five of Eighty Nine

Planning our Garden Planters

You’d think with 80 acres of land we would have a huge vegetable garden, right? Maybe some day, but as many failed attempts have proven, our current lifestyle precludes a successful large-scale veggie patch.

The good intentions started in April end around August when the endless toil of weeding and watering have proven more than our limited time allows. Rather than shouldering the guilt one more year, but still yearning for the taste of a fresh tomato ripened naturally in the sun, we turned to container gardening on our sunny sun deck. Not as easily ignored and easier to water and maintain, for the past two years these containers have provided those sweet, juicy tomatoes and more. All within steps of our kitchen!

We haven’t hit the perfect balance of what to grow or how much to stuff in the containers but we’ve had success. It all starts with the soil and this year we will replace much of it again, to satisfy the needs of those hungry veggies.

Last year we experimented with row covers so we could get plants in the ground earlier. This year we are upping this more using different covers as mini greenhouses. Stay tuned for further reports on how this pans out!


Author: Linda

I'm a VIP Support Engineer at Automattic Inc. and love helping people with WordPress. Based in Lumby BC, Canada, I enjoy playing outdoors and am a true left-coaster in my belief of keeping it green, real and fun.

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