The Kayaker’s Guide to Packing Light

In July of this year our family, related by blood, marriage or long-term relationship, paddled the Broken Group Islands on Vancouver Island’s Barkley Sound for 5 days. All but Geoff and I were inexperienced paddlers and unsure of how much and what clothing they needed to pack. So I took the following photos to document what went into my 20 litre drybag.

Start with all the stuff including a down jacket (yes, and I’ve used it every trip no matter the time of year) and fleece base layers. Clothing is almost all dry-fit with the exception of one cotton t-shirt I allow myself.

Then I packed it into these handy packing cubes I have which really helps when you’re trying to find things in one long and narrow drybag! I kept my waterproof shell and fleece out as I might need them on the trip over before we set out. My hat and watershoes will go into the cockpit with me.

The finished product!


Author: Linda

I'm a VIP Support Engineer at Automattic Inc. and love helping people with WordPress. Based in Lumby BC, Canada, I enjoy playing outdoors and am a true left-coaster in my belief of keeping it green, real and fun.

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